Filmmaking in Action

Your guide to the skills and craft

Adam Leipzig, Barry S. Weiss, with Michael Goldman
  • Early Praise

    "Filmmaking in Action manages to capture every detail and nuance of the incredibly complex filmmaking process, and will remain as current as the latest blockbuster thanks to its innovative integration of online resources. This is an invaluable guide for anyone interested in a film career or simply wanting a deeper understanding of what goes into the making of what goes onto the silver screen."
    – Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO, DreamWorks Animation

    "There are so few books about how to make movies from start to finish that are both incredibly detailed yet easily digestible. Filmmaking in Action is a generous resource that can provide real guidance to film novices and professionals alike."
    – Amy Pascal, chairperson, Motion Pictures Group of Sony Pictures Entertainment, 2006-2015

    "My hat is off to the authors of Filmmaking in Action. I wish I’d had a book like this back when I was a film student."
    – Jim Morris, President, Pixar Animation Studios

    "There are few joys in life that can equal the euphoria of making a beautiful film. Filmmaking in Action is a powerful tool to accomplish that goal."
    – Matthew Modine, actor (Full Metal Jacket; The Dark Knight Rises)

    "The kind of textbook you'll want to keep handy so you can refer to it again and again."
    – Joe Pichirallo, Chair, Undergraduate Film & Television, NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, Kanbar Institute

    "If you are a filmmaker, or aspire to become one, Adam Leipzig, Barry S. Weiss and Michael Goldman are the teachers you need."
    – Nikki Finke, Editor-in-Chief Emeritus and Founder, Deadline Hollywood

    "Filmmaking in Action is to film textbooks what D.W. Griffith was to the movies."
    – Doug Wick, producer (Gladiator; Divergent)

    "In Filmmaking in Action, the authors take the business and creative sides of the filmmaking process and beautifully combine them. It's a practical guide, written in a sophisticated, yet understandable way. I'm going to recommend it to all of our students."
    – Joe Rosenberg, Director of Professional Programs, UCLA

    "What clearly distinguishes this book from others is its access to the experience and knowledge of accomplished filmmakers who tell the reader how it really works in the filmmaking process. This guide efficiently gets to the heart of the matter, quickly providing any new filmmaker with the insights and tools that will accelerate their own journey." 
    – Russell Carpenter, ASC (Titantic; Ant-Man)

    "Filmmaking in Action richly navigates the complexity of the world behind the frame. From articulating overarching concepts to outlining the detailed nuances of the industry, the book is a comprehensive resource for individuals interested in learning the field.
    – Alex McDowell, creative director and production designer (Fight Club; Minority Report; Man of Steel)

    "The definitive text on how movies are made today, filled with tips from the top people in the business, and written in a style perfect for students and emerging filmmakers. If you want to learn how to make movies, this is the one book you absolutely need." 
    – Ruth Vitale, Executive Director, CreativeFuture