Economic Principles

A Business Perspective

Stephen Rubb & Scott Sumner

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    • Pre-class Tutorials introduce new topics in a more manageable, less intimidating way, to help students better retain what they’ve learned for class time.
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    • Homework assignments--with an intuitive approach to graphing—offer multi-part questions and targeted feedback.

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    • SaplingPlus for Rubb/Sumner, Economic Principles: A Business Perspective: Access Card 978-1-319-10682-9
    • SaplingPlus for Rubb/Sumner, Microeconomic Principles: A Business Perspective: Access Card 978-1-319-10690-4
    • SaplingPlus for Rubb/Sumner, Macroeconomic Principles: A Business Perspective: Access Card 978-1-319-10686-7