Economic Principles

A Business Perspective

Stephen Rubb & Scott Sumner

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  • Chapter 4, Elasticity: A Measure of Responsiveness

    We invite you to preview Chapter 4. This chapter looks at a variety of measures of elasticity, which is how much the market responds to changes in variables, such as price, income, and the price of alternatives. It looks at how businesses use elasticity calculations to see how these variables affect price, unit sales, and sales revenue. 

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  • Chapter 9, Organizing a Business: Corporations and Other Legal Structures

    We invite you to preview Chapter 9. This chapter explores how businesses are organized: from small-town pizza shops with a single owner to partnerships like Chobani to multinational corporations like Kraft Heinz. It looks at the issues corporations face, how they raise funds, and the economic challenges and opportunities of being a multinational business.

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