Economic Principles

A Business Perspective

Stephen Rubb & Scott Sumner

  • What your colleagues are saying . . .

    "The text delivers in spades on its goals. The business perspective is strong and wonderfully well executed, and the economic principles are supported time after time with tangible examples."
    Bob Gillette, University of Kentucky

    "I have never encountered another principles text with so many compelling examples that will engage student interest while facilitating their comprehension of potentially difficult economic concepts. The business applications thoroughly complement the economic principles."
    David Harris, Benedictine College

    "I think that the examples used are relevant and interesting. I would've learned a lot more if my professor used this book as opposed to Mankiw back when I was an undergraduate student taking the Micro Principles course."
    Kerry Tan, Loyola University, Maryland

    "The economics students I typically encounter in my current institution are business-focused, and this textbook provides an effective alternative. In my estimation, students would be very engaged by the recent examples, relevant industries, and exciting insight into different industries. This may lead to career interests and pursuits which is always desirable."
    Tesa Leonce-Regalado, Columbus State University

    "I teach large section of principles of economics to journalism majors. Even though this textbook is oriented toward business majors, my students as well as a broader audience would find it interesting and enticing."
    George Chikhladze, University of Missouri Columbia