Eighth Edition   ©2018

The Basic Practice of Statistics

David S. Moore (Purdue University) , William I. Notz (The Ohio State University) , Michael A. Fligner (University of California at Santa Cruz)

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-04257-0; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-04257-8; Format: Cloth Text, 654 pages

The content, coverage, and features of The Basic Practice of Statistics are closely aligned to these GAISE recommendations.

4-Step Examples. Students learn how to use the four-step process for working through statistical problems: State, Plan, Solve, Conclude.

Apply Your Knowledge exercises. Major concepts are immediately reinforced with problems that are interspersed throughout the chapter.

Using Technology sections. Displays and comments on the output from graphing calculators, spreadsheets, and statistical software are located where appropriate.

Statistics in Your World highlights. These commentaries illustrate major concepts or present cautionary tales. Chapter Summary and Link It sections. Each chapter concludes with a summary of the chapter specifics, including major terms and processes, followed by a brief discussion of how the chapter links to material from both previous and upcoming chapters.

Check Your Skills and Chapter Exercises. Each chapter ends with a series of multiple-choice problems that test students’ understanding of basic concepts; a set of more in-depth exercises enable students to make judgments and draw conclusions based on real data and real scenarios.