Becoming a Learner
Second Edition   ©2018

Becoming a Learner

Realizing the Opportunity of Education

Matthew L. Sanders (Utah State University)

  • ISBN-10: 1-5339-0406-5; ISBN-13: 978-1-5339-0406-5; Format: Paper Text, 70 pages

Challenges students to focus on who they want to become in college and on their ability to learn

Matt Sanders wrote Becoming a Learner to challenge students to rethink the conventional idea that one should attend college and obtain a degree to get a better job. Their parents have likely reinforced this philosophy throughout their childhood. This text invites students to consider that the primary purpose of college is to learn how to “Become a Learner” rather than obtain a specific set of professional skills to get a specific job. When students approach education to help them develop as critical thinkers and problem solvers, they will ultimately grow as a person and have a much richer life experience in college. Interestingly, they also become a more desirable job candidate for employers
because they embrace learning as an ongoing part of life which is necessary in every profession.