The Bedford Anthology of American Literature, Volume Two
Second Edition   ©2014

The Bedford Anthology of American Literature, Volume Two

1865 to the Present

Susan Belasco (University of Nebraska, Lincoln) , Linck Johnson (Colgate University)

  • ISBN-10: 0-312-67869-X; ISBN-13: 978-0-312-67869-2; Format: Paper Text, 1696 pages

"This anthology is exceptional. The Bedford Anthology has two major advantages: a realistic balance of texts that acknowledges the frequent practice of assigning novels and autobiographies in full, and an incredibly fruitful, focused approach guided by questions of print culture and its attendant questions of authorship, circulation, and reception of literary texts."
—Matt Cohen, University of Texas at Austin

"Its selections are judiciously made, its introductions sound and focused on the real-world concerns of authorship in American history, its contextual material diverse, enriching, and to-the-point. I think that instructors who want for their undergraduate students a manageable anthology with an essential and diverse selection of texts, engaging biographical introductions, and contexts that ground the literature practically in the world of reading, publishing, and authorship will find The Bedford Anthology of American Literature a very attractive choice."

—Robert D. Habich, Ball State University

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