The Bedford Document Collections for African American History (Six-Months Access)
First Edition   ©2016

The Bedford Document Collections for African American History (Six-Months Access)


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Convict Labor and the Building of Modern America
Central Question: What role did convict labor play in the building of modern America during the Second Industrial Revolution?
Talitha L. LeFlouria, Florida Atlantic University

War Stories: African American Soldiers and the Long Civil Rights Movement
Central Question:
What actions and methods of resistance did African American soldiers and veterans use in the Long Civil Rights Movement to combat discrimination and push for full citizenship?
Maggi M. Morehouse, Coastal Carolina University

Organization and Protest in the Civil Rights-era South: The Montgomery Bus Boycott
Central Question:
What does the successful organization of African Americans in Montgomery, Alabama reveal about the nature of leadership and the work of ordinary people in social movements?
Paul Harvey, University of Colorado

The Challenge of Liberal Reform: School Desegregation, North and South
Central Question:
How did school desegregation efforts differ in the North and South, and what were the challenges that reformers faced in trying to desegregate American schools after the 1960s?
Joseph Crespino, Emory University