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Bedford Document Collections for U.S. History (Six-Month Access)

Primary Sources and Projects


  • ISBN-10: 1-4576-9598-7; ISBN-13: 978-1-4576-9598-8; Format: LaunchPad Solo

Discovery-oriented projects provide stable digital sources ready to assign.
Sources include both canonical and unusual primary source documents in a variety of formats (text documents, visuals, maps, audio, and video) preselected to work well together and save you time.

Access to teachable assignments written by historians about their favorite topics.
Bedford St. Martin's saves you time by offering pedagogically rich assignments on a range of topics within an easy-to-teach format that lets you focus on teaching.

Projects can be customized to suit your course.
Instructors can assign any combination of these curated, ready-to-assign projects or customize the content by adding their own additional sources or instructions.

Easy to assign and link to your course management system or Web site.
One-click assigning makes it easy to let students know exactly what they need to do. Student work is captured in a report for easy grading. Each unit includes a brief multiple-choice quiz so students can get quick feedback on their understanding of the project.