Tenth Edition   ©2017

The Bedford Handbook

Diana Hacker (late of Prince George's Community College) , Nancy Sommers (Harvard University)  

  • ISBN-10: 1-4576-8303-2; ISBN-13: 978-1-4576-8303-9; Format: Paper Text, 960 pages

● The handbook covers a lot of ground. Even Google can’t give students the confidence that comes with a coherent reference that covers all the topics they need in a writing course. The Bedford Handbook supports students as they compose for different purposes and audiences and in a variety of genres and as they collaborate, revise deeply, conduct research, document sources, format their writing, and edit for clarity.
● It’s easy to use, easy to understand. The handbook’s explanations are brief, accessible, and illustrated by examples, most by student writers. The book’s many boxes, charts, checklists, and menus are designed to help users find what they need quickly.
● The handbook provides authoritative, trustworthy instruction. Most writing resources on the Web offer information, but they don’t offer instruction. With the tenth edition of The Bedford Handbook, students have reference content that has been class-tested by hundreds of thousands of students and instructors.
● The handbook comes with the service and support you have always relied on from Bedford/St. Martin’s. We have been in the field of composition with you for more than thirty-five years. We provide professional resources, professional development workshops, training for digital tools, and quick, personal service when you need it.