The Bedford Researcher
Sixth Edition   ©2018

The Bedford Researcher

Mike Palmquist (Colorado State University)  

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-05848-5; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-05848-7; Format: Spiral Bound, 480 pages

A Stronger Focus on Academic Writing A new chapter 7—"Working with Information, Ideas, and Arguments"—opens with an extended discussion of academic writing. The chapter provides a clear discussion of academic genres and academic argument. It extends this discussion to include detailed treatments of the key genres that play an intermediate role in many research writing projects: working and annotated bibliographies, various types of summaries and responses, documents that serve a synthesizing function across groups of sources (including both the review of literature and informal forms of writing), and research proposals.

Unified Coverage of Search Processes Chapter 10, "Searching for Information," provides a comprehensive approach to searching with digital and print sources, diminishing the distinction among databases, web search tools, and print-based resources. Each set of resources is considered in terms of its distinctive contributions to a writer’s search for relevant and credible sources.

Additional Discussion of Collaboration in Field Research A new section provides guidance on collaboration on research gathered through interviews, observation, and correspondence.

Updated Coverage of Documentation Systems Chapter 23, "Using MLA Style," has been updated to reflect the significant changes introduced to the MLA documentation system. These changes have resulted in major changes not only in the MLA chapter but also in the chapters on APA, Chicago, and CSE styles. Documentation models include more of a focus on the genre itself and less on the medium in which it is distributed. Each genre section (e.g., books, articles, and reference works) includes citation models for sources available in print, digital, and other forms, making it easier for students to locate relevant models and simplifying the presentation of the citation models.

Now available with LaunchPad Solo for Research and Reference, Palmquist, a digital repository of tutorials, practice, sample writing, and additional writing advice from author Mike Palmquist. This material can be assigned for additional outside practice or used in-class to further enhance your teaching with The Bedford Researcher.