Benjamin and William Franklin
First Edition   ©1994

Benjamin and William Franklin

Father and Son, Patriot and Loyalist

Sheila L. Skemp (University of Mississippi)

  • ISBN-10: 0-312-08617-2; ISBN-13: 978-0-312-08617-6; Format: Paper Text, 205 pages

The American Revolution was a civil war as well as a war for independence. The experience of Benjamin Franklin and his son, William, royal governor of New Jersey, reveals America's internal struggle over the question of loyalty to England. A collection of letters accompanies Sheila Skemp's narrative of the two men, bonded by blood, divided by political cause.
"This is a fine work that will stimulate students to study in greater depth the Revolution and the lives of participants such as the Franklins."
— Robert Middlekauff, University of California, Berkeley