Calculus I with Integrated Precalculus
First Edition   ©2014

Calculus I with Integrated Precalculus

Laura Taalman

  • ISBN-10: 1-4292-4073-3; ISBN-13: 978-1-4292-4073-4; Format: Cloth Text

A Calculus 1 Course with Precalculus and Algebra
This one-year alternative to Calculus I covers everything from factoring, functions, and graphs to delta/epsilon limit statements, derivatives, Riemann sums, and integration techniques. Coverage is sufficient for many students to complete their calculus studies, while paving the way for others to continue to Calculus II and III using any other textbook.

Calculus First, Complex Computation Later
Part I explores the basic concepts, definitions, and theorems of functions, limits, and differential calculus with examples based on simple calculations. In Part II, students study different classes of functions (general algebraic, exponential and logarithmic, and trigonometric functions). Increasing computational complexity over time allows students to gain skills and confidence. The third part of the book covers integration.

Compact, Structured Exposition
Calculus I with Integrated Precalculus offers students clear and compact instruction in a linear, straightforward, and predictable format. The book’s patient, uncluttered approach is structured to maximize student comprehension. Each section begins with uncluttered exposition that introduces and explains the concepts at hand and includes definitions, short examples and figures, and key theorems with proofs. The section is completed by longer, more complex examples that prepare students for the exercise sets.

Categorized Exercises
Exercises reflect concepts and skills introduced in the section examples; but also test student understanding of the development of the material and the reading itself and. Each exercise set includes the following categories of problems: Thinking Back, Concepts, Skills, Applications, Proofs, and Thinking Forward.  Each chapter concludes with a set of Chapter Review exercises.