A Canadian Writer's Reference
Seventh Edition; Canadian Edition   ©2019

A Canadian Writer's Reference

Diana Hacker (late of Prince George's Community College) , Nancy Sommers (Harvard University)  

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-05741-1; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-05741-1; Format: Comb Bound, 608 pages

A new how-to approach offers step-by-step instruction that will help students apply writing advice in practical ways and transfer skills to many different kinds of writing assignments. Fourteen new boxes offer the straightforward help that instructors and students want—how to go beyond a Google search, how to write better peer review comments, and more.

New Writer’s Choice boxes on grammar and style offer opportunities for students to practice critical thinking at the sentence level. A new rhetorical approach emphasizes decision making (between first or third person, between active and passive voice, and so on) based on a writer’s purpose and audience.

New ways to navigate bring students to key content quickly. Common student questions about writing, written in plain language, appear on each tab and help students find answers to questions such as How do I separate a source’s ideas from my own? and What can I do if my writing is too wordy? Useful chapter previews direct students to specific help within the writing and research chapters.

More help for research writers equips students with up-to-date citation guidelines—including MLA 2016 and Chicago 2017 guidelines—and formatting help. The seventh edition includes ample instruction in conducting responsible research, the foundation of academic work, and features a new APA-style paper.

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  • New video tutorials for writing and citation help students with difficult academic concepts. 24 new tutorials combine engaging video with scorable practice items to help with argument writing, analytical writing, annotated bibliography, and MLA and APA style.
  • Diagnostics that help establish a baseline for instruction. Eight diagnostics are available to identify areas of strength and areas for improvement on grammar and reading topics. The diagnostics offer visual reports that show and track performance by topic, class, and student.
  • LearningCurve adaptive quizzing. The pre-built units include LearningCurve, game-like online quizzing that adapts to what students already know and helps them focus on what they need to learn. LearningCurve links to supplemental study pages to support students as they work through topics.
  • Video tools make it easy to integrate open-source content (videos from YouTube and other sources) into your LaunchPad course and allow you to build scorable, trackable response assignments around that content.
  • Grammar Girl podcasts offer an alternative way for students to review writing and grammar concepts. LaunchPad includes more than 150 new and engaging podcasts that you can use in the classroom or assign as homework