Changing Writing
First Edition   ©2015

Changing Writing

A Guide with Scenarios

Johndan Johnson-Eilola

  • ISBN-10: 1-4576-0678-X; ISBN-13: 978-1-4576-0678-6; Format: Paper Text, 352 pages

Give students the tools to create change

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Writing can change the world—by inspiring action, adding to readers’ knowledge, or altering their attitudes. Changing Writing by Johndan Johnson-Eilola is a brief guide with online scenarios that gives students the rhetorical tools they need in order to respond to and create change with their own writing. Informed by Johnson-Eilola’s research, the book’s ten focused chapters illustrate straightforward strategies for problem solving and digital composing through lively real-world examples. Central to the author’s approach is a simple PACT framework that presents purpose, audience, context, and text as powerful, necessary, interconnected elements that both change writing and create change.

Our newest set of online materials, LaunchPad Solo, provides all the key tools and course-specific content that you need to teach your class. The LaunchPad Solo for Changing Writing includes 20 robust, scenario-based assignments allow students to practice writing in realistic contexts, addressing audience and purpose in a variety of genres. Instructors can create change too—customizing the online scenarios to fit local situations or address the issues that matter most to your students.
Changing Writing offers nimble, useful, and compelling advice, tools, and activities that engage students in writing and equip them for the projects they’ll undertake beyond their first-year composition course.
Dànielle Nicole DeVoss, Michigan State University