The Compact Reader
Eleventh Edition   ©2019

The Compact Reader

Short Essays by Method and Theme

Jane E. Aaron , Ellen Kuhl Repetto

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-05635-0; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-05635-3; Format: Paper Text, 480 pages

26 new selections—13 essays, 8 annotated paragraphs, and 5 student essays—from both trusted and emerging voices help students to connect with the material.

  • Amy Tan recounts an excursion into the depths of an Easter Island cave in “The Darkest Moment of My Life.”
  • Leslie Jamison questions her own fascination with the reality show Intervention in “Sublime, Revisited.”
  • Derek Thompson draws a parallel between entertainment and technology in “The Making of Hits.”

A timely new theme, Science and Technology, is featured. Chapter 13, “Cause-and-Effect Analysis,” has been updated to offer all new readings.

Chapter 14, “Argument and Persuasion,” has been thoroughly revised with a focus on Seeking Social Justice. Paired essays by Nicholas Kristof and Paul Greenberg debate the sources and consequences of inequality in the U.S., and a new casebook on the treatment of Confederate memorials offers multiple perspectives on this controversial topic.

The appendix has been expanded to become Part Three: Brief Notes on Working with Sources. It is now comprised of two chapters: Chapter 15, “Writing with Source Material,” and Chapter 16, “Citing Sources in MLA Style.”

This edition offers 9 new images. Eleven of the book’s essays are now accompanied by images — such as cartoons, graphics, and photographs — to further engage students and demonstrate the uses of visual examples, illustrations, and evidence in writing.