The Compact Reader
Eleventh Edition   ©2019

The Compact Reader

Short Essays by Method and Theme

Jane E. Aaron , Ellen Kuhl Repetto

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-05635-0; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-05635-3; Format: Paper Text, 480 pages

“The Compact Reader contains a variety of perspectives, which inspires discussion, encourages critical thinking, and above all leads to empathy, which for any writer – at any stage – is crucial.” --Dorothy Erickson, Adjunct Professor

“The essays are great, but the rest of the book is what makes it soar.” --Rebecca Mooney, Bakersfield College

“The Compact Reader offers students and instructors ways to access excellent writing instruction packaged economically. The essays are meaningful, often provoking lively discussion.” --Marie Iglesias-Cardinale, Genesee Community College

“The Compact Reader is a good guide for beginning teachers and writers alike. Its focus on differing purposes, audiences, and situations make it an ideal text for the composition classroom.” --Carla Kirchner, Southwest Baptist University