The Concise Bedford Guide for Writers
First Edition   ©2014

The Concise Bedford Guide for Writers

X. J. Kennedy , Dorothy M. Kennedy , Marcia F. Muth (University of Colorado at Denver)

  • ISBN-10: 1-4576-4876-8; ISBN-13: 978-1-4576-4876-2; Format: Paper Text, 560 pages

A briefer version of the rhetoric designed for active learning

Built on the tradition of the bestselling textbook The Bedford Guide for College Writers, this new brief edition retains the authors’ process-oriented approach to college writing and focus on active learning. The streamlined guide introduces students to the most commonly-assigned writing strategies and situations and to the essentials of college-level research and documentation. The reader, located online, takes advantage of all the Web has to offer, giving students access not only to essays by well-known authors but to innovative, engaging multimodal texts that contribute to the guide’s emphasis on visual literacy. Hands-on "Learning by Doing" activities, available both in print and online, actively engage students in the writing process with the goal of developing skills transferable to higher-level courses and the workplace.

"The listing of topics covered is close to perfect. It covers just about everything and does not intimidate."

—Peter Huk, University of California, Santa Barbara

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