The Concise Bedford Guide for Writers
First Edition   ©2014

The Concise Bedford Guide for Writers

X. J. Kennedy , Dorothy M. Kennedy , Marcia F. Muth (University of Colorado at Denver)

  • ISBN-10: 1-4576-4876-8; ISBN-13: 978-1-4576-4876-2; Format: Paper Text, 560 pages

Active learning at a great price. The Concise Bedford Guide for Writers offers the time-tested and reliable features of The Bedford Guide for College Writers at nearly half the size and price.

Flexible approach to process. The book opens with a thorough overview of writing, reading, and critical thinking processes, covering everything from engaging with and responding to a written text, to drafting, developing and revising an essay and using evidence and logical reasoning to support arguments.

Step-by-step guidance through a variety of situations and strategies. The text guides student through the most common writing assignments, while additional chapters present helpful strategies for each stage of the writing process and research strategies for locating, evaluating, and integrating sources.

Interactive e-Pages take advantage of what the Web can do. An online reader includes classic essays by writers like Amy Tan and Stephen King as well as innovative readings that combine video, audio, and other media. Assignable "Learning by Doing" activities give students opportunities to exercise their writing skills in an online setting.

Useful appendices on formatting, research, and editing. These brief guides provide practical instruction on formatting academic papers and performing effective research. Sample APA and MLA papers serve as helpful models for student writers, while a quick editing guide covers the most frequent grammar and punctuation issues.

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