The Confessions of Nat Turner
Second Edition   ©2017

The Confessions of Nat Turner

with Related Documents

Kenneth S. Greenberg (Suffolk University)

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-06486-8; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-06486-0; Format: Paper Text, 160 pages

Twenty years after the publication of the first edition of this volume, Nat Turner and the rebels of 1831 remain central figures in American culture. Kenneth S. Greenberg’s revised introduction updates the role of Nat Turner in American memory and also includes the latest scholarship on topics such as  the importance of neighborhoods to the community of enslaved people and the role of women in resisting enslavement.  New to this edition is a significant excerpt from David Walker’s 1830 Appeal – a radical attack on slavery from a Boston based African American intellectual that circulated near the area of the rebellion and echoed key themes of The Confessions of Nat Turner. The Appeal will compel students to ponder the question of Turner’s connection to a larger African American liberation movement. This volume’s appendixes offer an updated Chronology, Questions for Consideration, and Selected Bibliography, tools that will serve to facilitate the use of this book in the classroom.