CS Select
First Edition   ©2013

CS Select

A Database for College Success

John N. Gardner , Betsy O. Barefoot

  • ISBN-10: 1-4576-6713-4; ISBN-13: 978-1-4576-6713-8; Format: Internet/Online
Start with one of Bedford/St. Martin’s proven College Success textbooks by John N. Gardner and Betsy O. Barefoot.
Flexible customizing options to suit your teaching preferences.
  • Easily add additional content on topics as diverse as academic planning, career resources, veterans, avoiding credit card debt, and more
  • Add and publish your own materials easily
  • Choose from a variety of colorful and elegant covers for your book
  • Title your own custom book
  • Package your custom book with a Bedford/St. Martin’s textbook or trade book from Bedford/St. Martin’s sister companies (including Farrar, Straus, and Giroux; Henry Holt; Picador; and St. Martin’s Press)

Easy to use.

  • Simple, user-friendly interface, with a logical, intuitive navigation system
  • Selections available in one database and presented on one screen—no complicated switching back and forth among multiple screens
  • Previews of most selections available right on the page where you’re building your table of contents
  • "Time out" function—save what you’ve done and return to it at your convenience

The quality service you expect from Bedford/St. Martin’s

  • Rapid response to inquiries and database submissions—usually within 24 hours