Developmental Exercises for Hacker Handbooks
First Edition   ©2018

Developmental Exercises for Hacker Handbooks

Diana Hacker (late of Prince George's Community College) , Wanda Van Goor (Prince George's Community College)

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-14631-7; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-14631-3; Format: Paper Text, 208 pages

Clarity (effective sentences)

Active verbs: Practice

Active verbs 1

Active verbs 2

Active verbs: Review

Parallelism: Practice

Parallelism 1

Parallelism 2

Parallelism: Review

Needed words: Practice

Needed words 1

Needed words 2

Needed words: Review

Misplaced and dangling modifiers: Practice

Misplaced and dangling modifiers 1

Misplaced and dangling modifiers 2

Misplaced and dangling modifiers: Review

Distracting shifts: Practice

Distracting shifts 1

Distracting shifts 2

Distracting shifts" Review

Emphasis: Practice

Emphasis 1

Emphasis 2

Emphasis: Review

Variety: Practice


Variety: Review

Review of Clarity (effective sentences)

Clarity (word choice)

Wordy sentences: Practice

Wordy sentences 1

Wordy sentences 2

Wordy sentences: Review

Appropriate language: Practice

Appropriate language 1

Appropriate language 2

Appropriate language: Review

Exact words: Practice

Exact words 1

Exact words 2

Exact words 3

Exact words: Review

Review of Clarity (word choice)


Fragments: Practice

Fragments 1

Fragments 2

Fragments: Review

Run-on sentences: Practice

Run-on sentences 1

Run-on sentences 2

Run-on sentences 3

Run-on sentences: Review

Subject-verb agreement: Practice

Subject-verb agreement 1

Subject-verb agreement 2

Subject-verb agreement: Review

Pronoun-antecedent agreement: Practice

Pronoun-antecedent agreement 1

Pronoun-antecedent agreement 2

Pronoun-antecedent agreement: Review

Pronoun reference: Practice

Pronoun reference 1

Pronoun reference 2

Pronoun reference: Review

Pronoun and noun case: Practice

Pronoun and noun case 1

Pronoun and noun case 2

Pronoun and noun case: Review

Who and whom: Practice

Who and whom 1

Who and whom 2

Who and whom: Review

Adjectives and adverbs: Practice

Adjectives and adverbs 1

Adjectives and adverbs 2

Adjectives and adverbs: Review

Verb forms: Practice

Verb forms 1

Verb forms 2

Verb forms: Review

Verb tense and mood: Practice

Verb tense and mood 1

Verb tense and mood 2

Verb tense and mood: Review

Review of Grammar

Multilingual Writers and ESL Topics

Multilingual verb use: Practice

Verb forms 1 (multilingual)

Helping verbs, main verbs, and omitted verbs

Verb forms 2 (multilingual)

Passive verbs

Conditional verbs

Verbs followed by gerunds or infinitives 1

Verbs followed by gerunds or infinitives 2

Multilingual verb use: Review

Articles: Practice

Articles 1

Articles 2

Articles: Review

Sentence structure, prepositions, and idiomatic expressions: Practice

Omissions and needless repetitions

Present and past participles

Placement of adjectives

Sentence structure, prepositions, and idiomatic expressions: Review

Review of Multilingual Writers and ESL Topics


The comma and unnecessary commas: Practice

The comma 1

The comma 2

The comma 3

Unnecessary commas 1

Unnecessary commas 2

The comma and unnecessary commas: Review

The semicolon: Practice

The semicolon 1

The semicolon 2

The semicolon: Review

The colon: Practice

The colon 1

The colon 2

The colon: Review

The apostrophe: Practice

The apostrophe 1

The apostrophe 2

The apostrophe: Review

Quotation marks: Practice

Quotation marks 1

Quotation marks 2

Quotation marks: Review

End punctuation: Practice

End punctuation

End punctuation: Review

Other punctuation marks: Practice

Other punctuation marks 1

Other punctuation marks 2

Other punctuation marks: Review

Review of Punctuation


Abbreviations, numbers, and italics: Practice

Abbreviations and numbers

Italics (underlining)

Abbreviations, numbers, and italics: Review

Spelling, the hyphen, and capitalization: Practice


The hyphen


Spelling, the hyphen, and capitalization: Review

Review of Mechanics

Grammar Basics

Parts of speech: Preview

Nouns and noun/adjectives 1

Nouns and noun/Adjectives 2

Pronouns and pronoun/adjectives


Adjectives and adverbs


Prepositions and conjunctions

Parts of speech: Review

Sentence patterns: Preview


Direct objects and subject complements

Indirect objects and object complements

Direct objects, indirect objects, and object complements

Sentence patters: Review

Subordinate word groups: Preview

Prepositional phrases

Prepositional and verbal phrases

Verbal phrases

Subordinate clauses

Subordinate word groups: Review

Sentence types: Preview

Sentence types

Sentence types: Review

Answers to Practice and Preview Exercises