Eighth Edition   ©2018

The Development of Children

Cynthia Lightfoot (Pennsylvania State University) , Michael Cole (University of California, San Diego) , Sheila R. Cole

  • ISBN-10: 1-4641-7886-0; ISBN-13: 978-1-4641-7886-3; Format: Cloth Text, 667 pages

Emphasis on the biocultural perspective. The biocultural perspective presented in the previous edition continues to provide an integrated, conceptual framework for understanding development.

Emphasis on neuroscience and research.  Lightfoot/Cole/Cole presents the current science and findings in the field in a way that helps students see the relevance of the course content in the context of their own lives.

Emphasis on the applications of child development through the “In the Field” feature.

Expanded instructor and students resources.  This edition is accompanied by the new child development simulation, Developing Lives, and is fully integrated with LaunchPad to solve key challenges in the course (www.launchpadworks.com).   Instructors have access to key resources (lecture slides, quizzes, a test bank, Instructor’s Resource Manual, and videos) while students have access to the full ebook and adaptive quizzing through LearningCurve.