Discovering the Fundamentals of Statistics
Second Edition   ©2014

Discovering the Fundamentals of Statistics

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Daniel T. Larose (Central Connecticut State University)

  • ISBN-10: 1-4641-2718-2; ISBN-13: 978-1-4641-2718-2; Format: Quantity Pack

Content Updates Based on User Feedback

 “Hypothesis Testing” (Chapter 9)
has been rewritten to give instructors the option of teaching the critical-value method only, teaching the p-value method only, or covering both methods.
New and revised coverage includes: Revised coverage of group data, revised coverage of applications of the Normal distribution, revised coverage of sampling distributions, revised coverage of inference for two independent means and two independent proportions, new case studies on Worldwide Patterns of Cellphone Usage and Text Messaging 
New Pedagogy
Consistent with Larose’s more comprehensive text (see previous page ), the new Discovering the Fundamentals of Statistics includes:

The “Big Picture” highlighting chapter contents at the outset in a bulleted list

“Now You Can Do It” exercises in the margins next to selected example solutions, direct students to exercises at the end of the chapter that require the technique explained in that example.  With this, students can put what they’ve learned into practice immediately.
“Bringing It All Together” exercises within each section offer an accumulation of everything students have learned in a particular section, using a related set of Applying the Concepts exercises to tie together the main concepts and techniques learned.
Approximately 30% New Examples and Exercises
All examples and exercises come from topics, subject areas, and aspects of everyday experience that students can relate to their own lives.
New Technology

now features Freeman’s acclaimed LearningCurve activities (see p. ), approximately 40 new EESEE (Electronic Encyclopedia of Statistical Examples and Exercises) Case Studies, updated StatsTutor tutorials, new assessment-ready applets, CrunchIT! software, and more.
CrunchIT!, Freeman’s open-source statistical software, has been added to the “Step-By-Step Technology Guides”