Environmental Science for a Changing World (Canadian Edition)
First Edition, Canadian Edition   ©2014

Environmental Science for a Changing World (Canadian Edition)

Marnie Branfireun , Susan Karr , Jeneen InterlandI , Anne Houtman

  • ISBN-10: 1-4641-5420-1; ISBN-13: 978-1-4641-5420-1; Format: Paper Text

Unit 1 Foundations and Tools of the Trade
1. Environmental Literacy
On the Road to Collapse
2. Science Literacy and the Process of Science
Science and the Sky
3. Information Literacy
Toxic Bottles
4. Human Populations
One-Child China Grows Up
5. Ecological Economics and Consumption
Wall to Wall, Cradle to Cradle

Unit 2 Ecology, Patterns, and Processes
6. Ecosystems and Nutrient Cycling

Engineering Earth
7. Population Ecology
The Wolf Watchers
8. Community Ecology
Bringing a forest back from the brink
9. Biodiversity
Nature’s Medicine Cabinet
10. Evolution and Extinction
A Tropical Murder Mystery
Unit 3 Earth’s Resources, Current Challenges, and Sustainable Options
11. Forests

Returning Trees to Haiti
12. Grasslands
Restoring the Range
13. Marine Ecosystems
Science Under the Sea
14. Fisheries and Aquaculture
Fish in a Warehouse?
15. Water
Toilet to Tap
16. Water Pollution
Resuing the Great Lakes
17. Solid Waste
A Plastic Surf
18. Agriculture
Fine-Feathered Farming
Unit 4 Energy: A Wicked Problem with any Consequences
19. Coal

Bringing Down the Mountain
20. Oil and Natural Gas
Sands of Time
21. Air Pollution
The Youngest Scientist
22. Climate Change
When the Trees Leave
23. Nuclear Power
The Future of Fukushima
24. Sun, Wind, and Water Energy
Fueled By the Sun
25. Biofuels
Gas from Grass
Unit 5 Toward a Sustainable Future
26. Urbanization and Sustainable Communities

The Ghetto Goes Green