Fourth Edition   ©2017

Essentials of Economics

Paul Krugman (City University of New York) , Robin Wells

  • ISBN-10: 1-4641-8665-0; ISBN-13: 978-1-4641-8665-3; Format: Paper Text, 696 pages

New Chapter 11, Poverty, Inequality, and the Welfare State examines the problem of poverty and the issue of income inequality, and offers a comprehensive overview of the welfare state and its philosophical foundations. The chapter also takes a detailed look at health care economics, including an up-close look at the Affordable Care Act.

New Chapter 8, Monopoly, with coverage of price discrimination, created in response to reviewers’ input, consolidates the book’s core coverage of monopolies, adding a new discussion of the practice of charging customers different prices for the same product or service.

New section on game theory in Chapter 9, Oligopoly and Monopolistic Competition brings to the chapter a relevant topic that resonates strongly with students, making teaching the chapter as a whole more effective.

Many new and updated stories, applications, and cases
covering a broad range of from-the-headlines topics, including sustainability, the impact of technology, the economic situation in Europe, and today’s policy debates. In all, there are 9 new opening stories, 18 new Economics in Actions, 10 new Business Cases, dozens of updated examples, and a thorough updating of data thoroughout the book.

New features in LaunchPad
including a new math and graphing review, new activities designed to motivate learning and encourage success in the course, and enhanced integration between LaunchPad and our in-text features and content.