Sixth Edition   ©2016

The Everyday Writer with Exercises with 2016 MLA Update

Andrea A. Lunsford (Stanford University)

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-11780-5; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-11780-1; Format: Spiral Bound, 736 pages

Rhetorical advice helps students navigate multimodal assignments that research shows are increasingly common in academic contexts—Web content, wikis, presentations, blogs, PechaKucha, and more—and engage effectively with audiences in interactive digital landscapes.

Integrated advice on U.S. academic style, grammar, sentence structure, and language choices incorporates best practices for second-language writers by making information about standard English and expectations for college writing accessible to students of all language backgrounds. (An icon calls out features of English that often cause problems for multilingual writers.)

A visual guide shows how other students find handbook help.
Seven real students’ stories appear in a comic insert, "True Tales of The Everyday Writer," to suggest the kinds of help available in this handbook and to encourage students to explore the book when they need to find answers.

New research-based tips on writing moves that experts make to establish authority give students the information they need to enhance their own credibility as academic writers.

A focus on reflection
calls for students not just to think carefully before and during the writing process, but also to look back on completed projects to analyze what worked and what didn’t.

Expanded, accessible coverage of the documentation styles used most often in college, with added attention to APA and Chicago styles.

Digital components highlight student voices and encourage reflection and self-study. Digital tools encourage students to engage with and take ownership of their own writing. Content designed to work with The Everyday Writer includes video prompts, activities for working with student model writing in manu genres, tutorials, adaptive quizzing, diagnostics, and more. Contact your sales representative to find out about options.