Sixth Edition   ©2016

The Everyday Writer with Exercises with 2016 MLA Update

Andrea A. Lunsford (Stanford University)

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-11780-5; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-11780-1; Format: Spiral Bound, 736 pages

Writing Processes

1. The Top Twenty: A Quick Guide to Troubleshooting Your Writing
2. Expectations for College Writing
3. Writing Situations
4. Exploring Ideas
5. Planning and Drafting
6. Developing Paragraphs
7. Reviewing, Revising, and Editing
8. Reflecting

Critical Thinking and Argument

9. Critical Reading
10. Analyzing Arguments
11. Constructing Arguments


12. Preparing for a Research Project
13. Doing Research
14. Evaluating Sources and Taking Notes
15. Integrating Sources and Avoiding Plagiarism
16. Writing a Research Project

Academic, Professional, and Public Writing

17. Academic Work in Any Discipline
18. Writing for the Humanities
19. Writing for the Social Sciences
20. Writing for the Natural and Applied Sciences
21. Writing for Business
22. Making Design Decisions
23. Creating Presentations
24. Communicating in Other Media
25. Writing to Make Something Happen in the World


26. Writing to the World
27. Language That Builds Common Ground
28. Language Variety
29. Word Choice and Spelling


30. Coordination, Subordination, and Emphasis
31. Consistency and Completeness
32. Parallelism
33. Shifts
34. Conciseness
35. Sentence Variety

Sentence Grammar

36. Parts of Speech
37. Parts of Sentences
38. Verbs and Verb Phrases
39. Nouns and Noun Phrases
40. Subject-Verb Agreement
41. Pronouns
42. Adjectives and Adverbs
43. Modifier Placement
44. Prepositions and Prepositional Phrases
45. Comma Splices and Fused Sentences
46. Sentence Fragments

Punctuation and Mechanics

47. Commas
48. Semicolons
49. End Punctuation
50. Apostrophes
51. Quotation Marks
52. Other Punctuation Marks
53. Capital Letters
54. Abbreviations and Numbers
55. Italics
56. Hyphens

MLA Documentation

57. The basics of MLA style
58. MLA Style for In-Text Citations
59. MLA Style for a List of Works Cited
60. A Student Research Essay, MLA style

APA Documentation

61. The basics of APA Style
62. APA style for in-text citations
63. APA style for a list of references
64. A student research essay, APA style

Chicago Documentation

65. The basics of Chicago style
66. Chicago style for notes and bibliographic entries
67. A student research essay, Chicago style

Glossaries and Index

Glossary of usage
Index with glossary of terms