Fourth Edition   ©2016

Experiencing the Lifespan

Janet Belsky (Middle Tennessee State University)

  • ISBN-10: 1-4641-7594-2; ISBN-13: 978-1-4641-7594-7; Format: Paper Text, 608 pages

Belsky takes a global approach in her integrated coverage of culture and pays special attention to the issues facing immigrants and ethnic groups. Chapter 1, introduces the concept of collectivist and individualist cultures and spells out the differences between the developed and developing worlds. Setting the Context sections in every chapter offer cross-cultural perspectives on the upcoming material.

Applicable & Experiential
Guided by a carefully constructed pedagogical system, Experiencing the Lifespan is easily one of the most application-focused texts for the course. For example, Intervention sections illustrate practical implications of the research under discussion, while Experiencing the Lifespan boxes come from interviews conducted by Janet Belsky, personalizing and applying the research.

With a primary goal to make human life and research come alive, and a desire for students to see her joy in conveying the information in her writing, Belsky has truly built her text to reach all levels of students. Filled with stories about real people and open-ended questions at key points in the text, the narrative is designed stimulate critical, reflective, and forward-thinking in every student.

Brief...Really Brief
Experiencing the Lifespan is just under 500 last, an accessible research-based text written for today's students.