Second Edition   ©2017

Exploring American Histories, Volume 2

A Survey with Sources

Nancy A. Hewitt (Rutgers University) , Steven F. Lawson (Rutgers University)

  • ISBN-10: 1-4576-9471-9; ISBN-13: 978-1-4576-9471-4; Format: Paper Text, 680 pages

  • Podcast

    Nancy Hewitt and Steven Lawson talk about Incorporating Primary Sources into their Text

"The documents included in the textbook are exceptional. They reflect a diversity of sources and perspectives and are introduced pedagogically in a variety of ways."
— T.J. Tomlin, University of Northern Colorado

"This concise, highly readable survey offers the unusual advantage of drawing the student's attention to documents that reflect the broad diversity of American experience and have been chosen with great care to convey the sense that history cannot be understood from a single perspective."
— David Noon, University of Alaska Southeast

"This textbook is just challenging enough for our community college students and easily adaptable to fully engage our more gifted students in critical thought. The clear balance of materials enables me to fully incorporate the full range of pedagogical approaches (V.A.R.K. methodology). I highly recommend this book."
Gary Donato, Massachusetts Bay Community College

"Students like this book because it is intellectually engaging. They all find the book refreshing compared to the textbooks they used in high school and in other college history courses. They also like the fact that the chapters are relatively short, and I like the fact that despite being short, the book is not short on substance."
Ramon C. Veloso, Palomar College

"The best new approach I have seen in a U.S. history survey textbook in some time."
—Donald R. Shaffer, American Public University System
"This book does what we have been trying to do in the classroom for years and does it in a way that will make you want to actually use the textbook instead of just asking students to read it."
—Uzoamaka Anyiwo, Curry College
“Students tell me this book has helped make history real for them.”
—Lacey Holley-McCann, Columbia State University

“LaunchPad’s integration of book and online assignments is strong. Its LearningCurve application allows students to immediately test their retention of the material and link back to the specific text if they are unsure, and it provides a means for instructors to monitor the reading and retention of students throughout the course.”
—Gabrielle Everett, Jefferson College

“A visual, well written text that is easy to read and entertaining. It has depth and substance but doesn't overwhelm with too much detail, yet it offers a diversity of perspectives. The primary sources are varied and used well. This book is very good for teaching primary source analysis.”
—Linda Upham-Bornstein, Plymouth State University
"A well written survey of American History that enriches the learning experience with the targeted use of primary sources."
—Carole Lester, University of Texas at Dallas

"The writing style is very approachable, and should have broad appeal across college campuses."
—Gregory Culver, Austin Peay State University

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