Exploring Chemical Analysis
Fifth Edition   ©2012

Exploring Chemical Analysis

Daniel C. Harris (Michelson Laboratory, China Lake)

  • ISBN-10: 1-4292-7503-0; ISBN-13: 978-1-4292-7503-3; Format: Paper Text, 658 pages

New Applications scattered through the book include:
• solid-phase extraction for the measurement of caffeine
• measuring the common cold virus with an imprinted polymer on a quartz crystal microbalance
• a precipitation titration conducted on the Phoenix Mars Lander
• updated classroom data from a saltwater aquarium
• microdialysis in biological sampling, measuring pH of oceans and rivers by spectrophotometry with indicators
• continued highlighting of the effects of increasing carbon dioxide in the air and ocean
• a description of the lithium-ion battery
• how perchlorate was discovered on Mars with ion-selective electrodes
• protein immunosensing with solid-state ion-selective electrodes
• X-ray photoemission from the peeling of tape
• how a home pregnancy test works
• laser-ablation atomic emission on Mars
• lead isotopes in archaeology
• bisphenol A in food containers
• measuring trans fat in food with an ionic liquid gas chromatography stationary phase
• chromated copper arsenate preservative in wood
• preconcentration of trace elements from seawater
• simultaneous separation of anions and cations
• detecting contaminated heparin
• DNA profiling with a lab on a chip
New topics in this edition include:
• The F test for comparison of variance is introduced early in the chapter on statistics. 
• The meaning of statistical hypothesis testing is explained with an example from epidemiology.
• Propagation of uncertainty for pH is described.
• New topics in liquid chromatography include ultra-performance liquid chromatography, superficially porous particles, hydrophilic interaction chromatography, a waveguide absorbance detector, and an illustration of the charged aerosol detector. 
• An improved diagram showing the working of an electronic balance and a photograph of the optical train of an ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer are included.
Updated instructions for Excel spreadsheets to Excel 2007.