Tenth Edition   ©2016

Exploring Psychology in Modules

David G. Myers (Hope College) , C. Nathan DeWall (University of Kentucky)

  • ISBN-10: 1-4641-5438-4; ISBN-13: 978-1-4641-5438-6; Format: Paper Text, 896 pages

Christopher Adalio, University of California Berkeley

"Myers and DeWall have continued their trend of providing students with a textbook that promotes a scientific and empirical basis to the study of psychology. They have strongly represented the field of psychology as a science. In addition to presenting classic studies and psychological findings, Myers and DeWall are on top of the most current psychological research and issues our society is facing. The text, illustrations, and online resources provide students with a positive learning experience and an easy to understand introduction to the field of psychology."

Lauren Bates, Colorado State University

"I think that the text does a good job of making the information accessible to students. There are so many resources available on LaunchPad to help with the materials as well."

Michael Brislawn, Olympic College

"This textbook is generally popular with students, and it dovetails nicely with the content and style of information I like to present in my General Psychology class."

Candace Cresap-Blomquist, Bay de Noc Community College

"We have used this textbook for the 14 years that I have taught at this college because it has always been exceptionally well written and organized, with great graphics and, usually, updated information and graphics."

Jennifer Dale, Community College of Aurora

"This is one of the strongest introductory textbooks I have used or reviewed in psychology. The examples are relevant and current and the writing style is accessible. Overall, there are diverse examples and an inclusive approach to the different topics covered."

Matt Gray, University of Wyoming

"The research is well represented and I believe the content is sound and coverage sufficient….I do believe that it is well-written and compelling."

Christine Henderson, SUNY Orange

"The language is easily understandable and the ample examples allow students to relate to and apply knowledge to their own lives."

"I was and still am impressed with the delivery of the content, the empirical evidence, and the examples that students can easily relate to and understand."

Kathy Howard, Harding University

"This is the best textbook I have used for both General Psychology and Social Psychology. David Myer's writing style and integration of biblical principles without imposing religious beliefs on the reader is exemplary. We periodically reviewed textbooks as we made adoptions and his books always came up on the top of our list. He documents his material with peer-reviewed research and refrains from stating opinions that cannot be backed up by research. He is unbiased and extremely knowledgeable in the field and his authorship of textbooks is a great contribution."

Rebecca Foushee, Lindenwood University

"I thought the authors covered a large amount of material efficiently and accurately, using relevant and vivid examples to clarify whenever necessary."

Joanna Key, Gwinnett Technical College

"The readings provide for great discussion in class and the inclusion of multiple studies in the sections give the students insight into the topic as well as support of the information."

"I have used Myers textbooks for many years and I think I have only taught from one other introductory psychology textbook in the past 9 years because I'm such a fan of the Exploring Psychology textbook. Thank you for making great textbooks that both faculty and students enjoy."

Nicole McCray, University of Montana

"I think the level of complexity is just right for introductory students. I really like the use of examples/personal anecdotes to make the material come to life. Nicely done!"

"The text is an engaging and comprehensive introduction to psychology that will likely inspire students to actually read it."

Corinne McNamara, Kennesaw State University

"well-articulated balance between historical context and present-day focus, including poignant examples and a conversational tone."

"The organizational scheme is easy to follow, and the content is appropriately engaging and thought-provoking for an introductory course."

"This textbook has worked very well for both me and my students because it is conversational and easy to digest while maintaining the rigor I expect for my course materials."

Kelly O’Dell, Community College of Aurora

"I really like this text book for this course. I think it's organized well and it's an appropriate scope for an intro course. I think it introduces a lot of very important topics and in general enough to allow for more in-depth coverage based on instructor expertise and interest."

Edie Sample, Metropolitan Community College

"I enjoy Myer's writing style…The writing has always been the standard to which I compare other texts."

Christopher Stanzione, Georgia Institute of Technology

"David Myers is a fantastic researcher and writer. The information laid out in this text is wonderful which is why I continue to use it."

Kim Stark, University of Central Missouri

"I like this text for several reasons: I like the writing style - it is engaging, yet not "dumbed down;" the information is contemporary and accurate; the layout of the text/pedagogical design is conducive to learning; the authors/text do an excellent job of integrating a multicultural perspective throughout the textbook."

"The authors do an excellent job of presenting MULTIPLE perspectives rather than clearly endorsing one point of view."

Brianna Stinebaugh, Towson University

"Very clearly organized for an introductory course, students will definitely be able to follow along as they read. The charts, tables, diagrams really help aid the text as well."

"I think the material covered is excellent…The strengths are the conciseness of the material, it is easy to read and understand. The examples given are an excellent way for readers to relate to the material."

William Suits, Seminole State College

"I enjoyed the way the material was presented and everything was very easy to follow from one learning concept to the next."

Brandon Whittington, Jefferson College

"I think the quotes and examples provided are among the best I've ever read. The text does a fantastic job of providing anecdotes that help illustrate and provide application of the content….I also loved the quotes provided, as they are insightful and promote reflection and understanding of the major concepts."

"Overall, I greatly enjoyed reading the text and think it does a great job of bring[ing] the content to life for the reader."

Chrysalis Wright University of Central Florida

"The material that is presented to students is scholarly, current (at the time of publication), and written in a way that students can understand. I like that fact that the chapter is not written in such simple terminology to remove the higher education aspect from the material!"

"The content is presented at a higher education level but is not bogged down with excessive advanced terminology to make the science of psychology seem more difficult than it actually is. This is a great introductory text that students already love."

"I absolutely love it! And, I love the fact that my students love this text too! The instructor resources are great!"