Tenth Edition   ©2016

For All Practical Purposes

Mathematical Literacy in Today's World

  • ISBN-10: 1-4641-2473-6; ISBN-13: 978-1-4641-2473-0; Format: Cloth Text

Built around the most common issues teachers face, LaunchPad provides students with everything they need to prepare for class and exams. For instructors, LaunchPad offers everything needed to quickly set up a course (using pre-built units), customize content to a syllabus, craft presentations and lectures, assign and assess readings and activities, and guide the progress of individual students and the class as a whole.

With LaunchPad all online resources for the text are housed in one location, including:
An interactive e-Book combining a complete, online version of the textbook with digital assets linked at point of use.

LearningCurve provides students and instructors with powerful adaptive quizzing, a game-like format, direct links to the e-Book, and instant feedback.

Additional Students Resources, including:
Student Study Guide
Vocabulary Flash Cards
Student Solutions Manual

All instructor resources in one convenient location, including:
Instructor’s Guide with Full Solutions
Teaching Guide for First-Time Instructors
Test Bank
Lecture slides
Clicker Questions

An easy-to-use Gradebook to monitor the whole class or individual students.

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New in the Text
30% New and Updated Exercises and Examples
The new edition gives instructors a wide range of fresh options for lecture presentations and homework assignments.

Algebra Review Appendix
This new appendix offers students a quick refresher on basic algebra concepts utilized in the text, with straightforward examples, technology tips, and practice exercises with answers. References in the text margins direct students to the appendix at point-of-need in the text.

Self-Check Exercises
These exercises have been added throughout the text with answers at the end of each chapter to allow students to check their understanding of new concepts as the material is being taught. Instructors can also use these exercises in class as part of their lectures.

Additional Chapters (available through custom publishing)
Problem Solving
Counting and Probability
Numeration Systems
Personal Finance

The Tenth Edition Authors:

Part I Management Science
Joseph Malkevitch, York College, The City University of New York
Part II Statistics: The Science of Data
Marsha J. Davis, Eastern Connecticut State University

Part III Voting and Social Choice
Alan D. Taylor, Union College
Bruce P. Conrad, Temple University
Michael A. Jones, American Mathematical Society

Part IV Fairness and Game Theory
Alan D. Taylor, Union College
Bruce P. Conrad, Temple University
Michael A. Jones, American Mathematical Society

Part V The Digital Revolution
Joseph A. Gallian, University of Minnesota–Duluth
Part VI On Size and Growth
Paul J. Campbell, Beloit College

Part VII Your Money and Resources
Paul J. Campbell, Beloit College