Foundations First with Readings
Fifth Edition   ©2015

Foundations First with Readings

Sentences and Paragraphs

Laurie G. Kirszner (University of the Sciences (Emeritus)) , Stephen R. Mandell (Drexel University)

  • ISBN-10: 1-4576-3345-0; ISBN-13: 978-1-4576-3345-4; Format: Paper Text, 592 pages

A unique approach focuses students on improving their own writing. In each chapter, a unique exercise strand gets students writing and then guides them in applying the lessons of that chapter, giving them the opportunity to learn from their own writing. Students' competence and confidence grows and are further supported by "FYI" boxes highlighting key points, self-assessments, and review checklists.

Guides students through the essentials of writing, including the writing process, critical reading, and vocabulary acquisition. An introduction to college writing offers a primer on the writing process while Chapter 1 provides valuable tools for critical reading. "Word Power" boxes throughout the text help students build a college-level vocabulary.

Emphasizes the connection between reading and writing. Foundations First presents reading as an integral part of the writing process, offering numerous student and professional examples throughout the text. Eleven chapters give detailed coverage of paragraph development, structure, and patterns of organization, with a bonus chapter on writing essays. To supplement the writing coverage, there are 17 professional readings in Chapter 36, Readings for Writers.

Provides abundant opportunities for grammar practice and review. Hundreds of practice exercises--on current and interesting topics--help students master the fundamentals of writing and grammar. Chapter Reviews—featuring Editing Practices, Self-Assessment, and Review Checklists--and Unit Reviews help students to think critically about their writing as they work on improving it. 
Includes robust ESL coverage. Chapter 29 addresses concerns of nonnative writers, and ESL tips throughout the Instructor's Annotated Edition provide helpful hints to novice and experienced teachers alike.