Foundations First with Readings
Fifth Edition   ©2015

Foundations First with Readings

Sentences and Paragraphs

Laurie G. Kirszner (University of the Sciences (Emeritus)) , Stephen R. Mandell (Drexel University)

  • ISBN-10: 1-4576-3345-0; ISBN-13: 978-1-4576-3345-4; Format: Paper Text, 592 pages

TEST, a proven self-assessment and peer review tool pioneered by Kirszner and Mandell is now integrated in each writing chapter. Thanks to user feedback, students can now use this tool to empower and guide their writing. TEST stands for Topic sentence, Evidence, Summary statement, and Transitions. This simple, easy-to-remember method helps student revise their writing and offers constructive revision feedback to their classmates.

Online grammar practice with LaunchPad Solo. Foundations First can be packaged with LaunchPad Solo, which includes access to LearningCurve, adaptive online grammar quizzing. LaunchPad Solo also features additional multiple-choice grammar exercises on nearly every grammatical concept in the book.

Streamlined grammar and writing process coverage that helps students focus. This edition of Foundations First focuses on only the most essential aspects of the writing process, allowing students to narrow in on the most challenging concepts and the most fundamental steps in writing.

User-friendly and stimulating design that makes the book easier to read. Fully redesigned, the new edition of Foundations First offers a clean, bright, and clear layout, helping students see concepts in action.