First Edition   ©2018

Health Psychology - Rental Only

Leslie D. Frazier

  • ISBN-10: 1-4641-2041-2; ISBN-13: 978-1-4641-2041-1; Format: Paper Text, 448 pages

Chapter 1: An Introduction to Health Psychology
An Unexpected Diagnosis
What is Health Psychology?
The Biopsychosocial Model
Health Around the World
Health Care in the United States
Historical Views of Health
Psychology in the History of Medicine
A Lifespan Development Perspective
Chapter 2: Gathering Information on Health and Illness
Evidence-Based Science
Measuring Health
Research Methodology
Experimental Studies
Cross-sectional and Longitudinal Studies
The Ethics of Experiments
Cutting Edge of Science: Advancing our Understanding of Health
Chapter 3: Health Beliefs and Behaviors
Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
Who Practices Healthful Behaviors?
Why People Practice Health Behaviors
Helping with Behavioral Change
Chapter 4: Health-Enhancing Behaviors
From Death’s Door to the Gym
Healthy Diet
Diet Around the World
Who Eats a Healthy Diet and Why?
A Healthy Weight
Who Maintains a Healthy Weight?
The Importance of Exercise
Who Exercises and Why?
Other Health-Enhancing Behavior
Chapter 5: Health-Compromising Behaviors
What is Health-Compromising Behavior?
Eating and Obesity
Eating Disorders
Substance Use
Smoking and Nicotine
Drinking and Alcohol
Marijuana Use and Abuse
Risky Sexual Behavior
Chapter 6: Understanding Stress
What is Stress?
The Physiology of Stress
The Psychosocial Context of Stress
The Global Perspective
Measuring Stress
How Stress Affects Health
Chapter 7: Coping with Stress
What is Coping?
Types of Coping
Context for Coping
Coping and Culture
Coping Outcomes
Chapter 8: Symptoms and Pain
Natalie’s Story
Recognizing Symptoms
Interpreting Symptoms
What is Pain?
The Physiology of Pain
Types of Pain
Measuring Pain
Treating Pain
Chapter 9: Cardiovascular Disorders and Diabetes
Roger and Margie: The Many Faces of Cardiovascular Disease
The Cardiovascular System
What is Heart Disease?
What Causes CVD?
Preventing and Treating Cardiovascular Disease
Major Risks for Heart Disease
Chapter 10: Psychoneuroimmunology and Related Disorders
What is Psychoneuroimmunology?
The Immune System
The Immune System and the CNS
Autoimmune Diseases
Chapter 11: Chronic and Terminal Illness
What is Chronic Illness?
Emotional Responses to Chronic Illness
Coping with Chronic Illness
Terminal Illness
The End of Life
Coping with Loss
Chapter 12: Health Services and Providers
Both Physician and Patient (From a NYT Well Blog: Mary Zupanc’s Story published 6/25/15)
Types of Health Care Services
Health Insurance and Quality of Care
Who Seeks Treatment and Why
The Patient-Practitioner Relationship
Complementary and Alternative Medicine
The Placebo Effect
Chapter 13: Achieving Emotional Health and Well-being
A Cherokee Legend
What is Positive Psychology?
Health, Wellness, and Well-being
Happiness and Hope
Chapter 14: The Future of Health Psychology
Lifespan and Development
Health Disparities
Access to Health Care
Becoming a Health Psychologist