How to Write Anything with Readings
Fourth Edition   ©2019

How to Write Anything with Readings

A Guide and Reference

John J. Ruszkiewicz (The University of Texas at Austin) , Jay T. Dolmage (University of Waterloo)  

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-28233-4; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-28233-2; Format: Paper Text, 928 pages

Accessible approach encourages students to analyze their own situations and processes. How to Write Anything recognizes that no two students work the same way—and that students write for different reasons in different situations, from essays for a college course to résumés for job applications. Intuitive cross-references in the Guide suggest targeted topics in the Reference, giving students the help they need when and where they need it.

    • "How to Start" questions at the beginning of genre chapters give students options for getting started, even when they’re stuck.
    • A flexible sequence of rhetorical choices gives students a strong framework for working in any genre. They’ll find genre-specific advice about exploring purpose and topic, audience, finding and developing material, structure, style, and design.
    • "Writing about Writing" and "Thinking about Writing" activities give students more help applying the advice in the book and let students try out genres and strategies before tackling a complete assignment.

"How To" visual tutorials and videos offer "clear, concise, and visual guidance" on challenging topics, such as showing students step by step how to find information in a source to create a citation.

Professional models and student writing serve as both examples and springboards for discussion and exploration. Selections are carefully chosen both to engage students and to show how genres change in response to different contexts and audiences. Annotations show how the readings illustrate key principles, patterns of compositions, and points of style and mechanics.

Practical support for a community of instructors is available for all instructors teaching with How to Write Anything. Written by coauthor Jay Dolmage, the Instructor’s Manual offers activities, assignments, sample syllabi, correlations to the WPA outcomes, and more, and a new Student’s Companion for How to Write Anything by Elizabeth Catanese (Community College of Philadelphia) offers support for students in ALP/corequisite courses.