How to Write Anything with Readings
Fourth Edition   ©2019

How to Write Anything with Readings

A Guide and Reference

John J. Ruszkiewicz (The University of Texas at Austin) , Jay T. Dolmage (University of Waterloo)  

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-28233-4; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-28233-2; Format: Paper Text, 928 pages



Part 1  
Strategies for College Writing
1 Academic Goals and Expectations
2 Defining Genres and Purpose
3 Claiming Topics
4 Imagining Audiences
5 Gathering Materials
6 Organizing Ideas
7 Choosing Style and Design

Part 2  
Key Academic Genres
8 Reports
9 Explanations
10 Arguments
11 Evaluations
12 Proposals
13 Literary Analyses
14 Rhetorical Analyses
15 Essays
Part 3  
Special College Assignments
16 Essay Examinations
17 Annotated Bibliographies
18 Synthesis Papers
19 Position Papers
20 Oral Reports
21 Professional Correspondence
22 Résumés
23 Personal Statements
24 Writing Portfolios


Part 4  
A Writer’s Routines
25 Smart Reading
26 Critical Thinking
27 Shaping a Thesis
28 Strategies of Development
29 Outlining
30 Revising, Editing, and Proofreading
31 Peer Editing
32 Overcoming Writer’s Block

Part 5   
33 Levels of Style
34 Clear and Vigorous Writing
35 Inclusive Writing
36 Purposeful Paragraphs
37 Strategic Transitions
38 Memorable Openings and Closings
39 Informative Titles

Part 6 
Design and Digital Media
40 Understanding Digital Media
41 Tables, Graphs, and Infographics
42 Designing Print and Online Documents

Part 7  
Academic Research and Sources
43 Beginning Research
44 Consulting Experts
45 Finding Print and Online Sources
46 Evaluating Sources
47 Doing Field Research
48 Annotating Sources
49 Summarizing Sources
50 Paraphrasing Sources
51 Incorporating Sources into Your Work
52 Documenting Sources

Part 8  
53 MLA Documentation and Format
54 APA Documentation and Format
55 Grammar
56 Mechanics
57 Sentence Issues
58 Troublesome Pairs

Part 9

59 Reports: Readings
Genre Moves: N. Scott Momaday, From The Way to Rainy Mountain [DESCRIPTIVE REPORT] 
INFORMATIONAL REPORT: Lewis Dartnell, Why Would Aliens Even Bother With Earth? The Pros And Cons Of A Trip To The Planet We Call Home
DEFINITIONAL REPORT: Steve Silberman, Neurodiversity Rewires Conventional Thinking about Brains 
LEGAL REPORT: Philip Deloria, The Cherokee Nation Decision 
MULTIMODAL REPORT: CyeKeia Lee and Amy Goldrick-Rabb, Navigating College: Resource Guide for Homeless and Low Income Students

60 Explanations: Readings
Genre Moves: Sojourner Truth, From Ain’t I a Woman? [ARGUMENTATIVE SPEECH] 
ANALYSIS OF CULTURAL VALUES: Paul Argenti, Corporate Ethics in the Era of Millennials
ARGUMENTATIVE REPORT: Jeff Wise, The Sad Science of Hipsterism: The Psychology of Indie Bands, PBR, and Weird Facial Hair 
ARGUMENT FOR CHANGE: Emily Bazelon, Hitting Bottom: Why America Should Outlaw Spanking 
POLICY ARGUMENT: Daniel Engber, Glutton Intolerance 

61 Arguments: Readings
Genre Moves: Naomi Klein, From No Logo [EVALUATION] 
TELEVISION REVIEW: Emily Nussbaum, To Stir, with Love 
EVALUATION: Mark Yakich, The Football Play
GAME EVALUATION: Marcel O’Gorman, The Case for Locking Up Your Smartphone
PRODUCT REVIEW: Heather Radke, The Jumpsuit That Will Replace all Clothing Forever

62 Evaluations: Readings
Genre Moves: James Baldwin, From If Black English Isn’t a Language, Then Tell Me, What Is? [CAUSAL ANALYSIS] 
CAUSAL ANALYSIS: Rita J. King, How Twitter Is Reshaping the Future of Storytelling 
CAUSAL ANALYSIS: Robert W. Gehl, A History of Like 
VISUAL EXPLANATION: Matt Daniels, Where New Slang Comes From
CULTURAL EXPLANATION: Eddo Stern, Warcrack for the Hordes: Why Warcraft Owns the World

63 Proposals: Readings 
Genre Moves: Rachel Carson, From The Obligation to Endure [PROPOSAL]
PROPOSAL FOR CHANGE: Michael Todd, Is That Plastic in Your Trash a Hazard?
PROPOSAL FOR CHANGE: Jane McGonigal, Video Games: An Hour a Day Is Key to Success in Life 
PROPOSAL: Neil deGrasse Tyson, The Cosmic Perspective 
SATIRICAL PROPOSAL: Kembrew McLeod, A Modest Free Market Proposal for Education Reform 

64 Literary Analyses: Readings 
Genre Moves: Zadie Smith, From What Does Soulful Mean? [LITERARY ANALYSIS]
TEXTUAL ANALYSIS: Roxane Gay, Not Here to Make Friends
FILM ANALYSIS: Hunter Harris, Beyonce’s Lemonade is a Celebration of Black Identity (student essay)
TEXTUAL ANALYSIS: Anna Peppard, On Marvel’s First Female Superhero Written by a Woman

65 Rhetorical Analyses: Readings 
Genre Moves: Susan Sontag, From Notes on “Camp” [RHETORICAL ANALYSIS] 
CULTURAL ANALYSIS: Christine Martorana, Death: The End We All Have to Face(book)
ANALYSIS OF AN ADVERTISEMENT: Jake Romm, Why That Catastrophic Pepsi Ad Was Actually a Resounding Success
CULTURAL ANALYSIS: Teju Cole, Finders Keepers

66 Essays: Readings
Genre Moves: Amy Tan, From Mother Tongue [LITERACY NARRATIVE] 
NARRATIVE: From Patton Oswalt, Zombie Spaceship Wasteland 
GRAPHIC NARRATIVE (EXCERPT): Lynda Barry, Lost and Found 
REFLECTION: Naomi Shihab Nye, Mint Snowball 
LITERACY NARRATIVE: Ta-Nehisi Coates, Acting French
COLLABORATIVE NARRATIVE: Donald Collins and Mary Collins, We Call Back and Forth to Each Other About Things that Nearly Destroy Us