In Conversation
First Edition   ©2018

In Conversation

A Writer's Guidebook

Mike Palmquist (Colorado State University)   , Barbara Wallraff

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-23584-0; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-23584-0; Format: Spiral Bound, 544 pages

Lively rhetorical advice in a practical reference

Offering comprehensive coverage in a hip little package, In Conversation: A Writer’s Guidebook is a pocket-sized guidebook designed for the Instagram generation.

Composition scholar Mike Palmquist of Colorado State University and professional writer and editor Barbara Wallraff, formerly of The Atlantic, develop the approachable metaphor of writing as a conversation for an unintimidating entry point into college-level writing and thinking. As its subtitle suggests, In Conversation blends the helpful support of a writing guide with the easy-to-use reference framework of a handbook. Rather than presenting writing as a set of rigid rules to be mastered, the authors share writerly advice and help students understand the effects of their rhetorical choices. Fresh example sentences in the grammar, punctuation, and style sections illustrate creative revisions, and thorough documentation chapters on MLA, APA, Chicago, and CSE provide dozens of citation models across disciplines.

Distinguished by spectacular visuals, natural, friendly explanations, and an emphasis on real-world genres, this guidebook invites your students to be a part of the conversation.