Interpersonal Communication
Fourth Edition   ©2017

Interpersonal Communication

Navigating Relationships

Carrie C. Hutchinson

  • ISBN-10: 0-7380-9623-7; ISBN-13: 978-0-7380-9623-0; Format: Paper Text

This text introduces students to the fundamental theories and concepts of interpersonal communication.

Readers will not only learn about the theories developed by researchers who study human behavior, but they will also learn how to apply these findings to real relationships in their own lives such as those with friends, family members, and romantic partners. Topics include verbal and nonverbal communication, self-concept and social identity, interpersonal conflict, relational escalation and de-escalation, and relationship repair. The text includes a bonus section on how to understand and evaluate social science research, and how to apply interpersonal communication concepts to service learning experiences.