Interpersonal Communication and You
First Edition   ©2015

Interpersonal Communication and You

An Introduction

Steven McCornack (University of Alabama Birmingham)

  • ISBN-10: 1-4576-6253-1; ISBN-13: 978-1-4576-6253-9; Format: Paper Text, 336 pages

A current and comprehensive overview of the discipline. An accessible approach draws on the best of classic and cutting-edge scholarship. Topics like online self-presentation and mediated communication competence are integrated with familiar areas such as active listening and intercultural competence.

A focus on student self-reflection, skills development, and self-assessment.
Interpersonal Communication and You offers plenty of opportunities for students to apply the material to their own lives while LaunchPad makes it easy for you to assign these features and track student progress online.

  • Self-Quiz exercises help students analyze their strengths and weaknesses so they can focus on improving their communication.
  • Critical Self-Reflection features invite students to examine their own experiences and learn the habit of ongoing self-reflection.
  • Skills Practice prompts students to put their skills into action with step-by-step instructions.
Compelling stories help every student connect to the material. Drawn from pop culture, current events, and real life, the carefully crafted examples connect students to the material, whether they are traditional students entering college straight from high school, returning adults, nursing students, military vets, or communication majors.

A suite of innovative digital tools help students learn, study, and apply communication concepts

  • LearningCurve provides adaptive quizzing and a personalized learning program. In every chapter, call-outs prompt students to tackle the game-like LearningCurve quizzes to test their knowledge and reinforce learning of the material. Based on research on how students learn, LearningCurve motivates students to engage with course materials while the reporting tools let you see what students understand so you can adapt your teaching to their needs.
  • Integrated video clips extend the book online. Videos connected to every chapter help students see theory in action while accompanying reflection questions help them apply it to their own experiences. More than 70 video activities are easily assignable making excellent journal prompts or discussion starters.

Interpersonal Communication and You and its integrated media program is available in LaunchPad, a dynamic new platform
that combines a curated collection of video, homework assignments, e-book content, and the LearningCurve adaptive quizzing program, organized for easy assignability, in a simple user interface.

  • Easy to Start. Ready-made interactive LaunchPad units give you building blocks to assign instantly as is or customize to fit your course.
  • Intuitive and useful analytics. The gradebook allows you to quickly review progress at the class and individual level, providing information you can use to make the most of the teaching and learning experience.
  • Fully interactive e-book. Every LaunchPad e-book comes with powerful study tools, multimedia content, and easy customization for instructors.