Interpersonal Communication and You
First Edition   ©2015

Interpersonal Communication and You

An Introduction

Steven McCornack (University of Alabama Birmingham)

  • ISBN-10: 1-4576-6253-1; ISBN-13: 978-1-4576-6253-9; Format: Paper Text, 336 pages

1. Introducing Interpersonal Communication

What Is Communication?

What Is Interpersonal Communication?

What Is Interpersonal Communication Competence?

Issues in Interpersonal Communication


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Part One. Interpersonal Essentials

2. Considering Self

The Components of Self

The Sources of Self

Presenting Your Self

The Relational Self


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3. Perceiving Others

Perception as a Process

Influences on Perception

Forming Impressions of Others

Improving Your Perception of Others


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4. Experiencing and Expressing Emotions

The Nature of Emotion

Forces Shaping Emotion

Managing Your Emotional Experience and Expression

Emotional Challenges


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Part Two. Interpersonal Skills

5. Understanding Culture

What is Culture?

Cultural Influences on Communication

Creating Intercultural Competence


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6. Listening Actively

Listening. A Five-Step Process

The Five Functions of Listening

Understanding Listening Styles

Preventing Incompetent Listening


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7. Communicating Verbally

Characteristics of Verbal Communication

Functions of Verbal Communication

Cooperative Verbal Communication

Barriers to Cooperative Verbal Communication


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8. Communicating Nonverbally

Principles of Nonverbal Communication

Nonverbal Communication Codes

Functions of Nonverbal Communication


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9. Managing Conflict and Power

Conflict and Interpersonal Communication

Power and Conflict

Handling Conflict

Conflict Endings

Challenges to Handling Conflict


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Part Three. Interpersonal Relationships

10. Relationships with Romantic Partners

Defining Romantic Relationships

Romantic Attraction

Relationship Development and Deterioration

Maintaining Romantic Relationships

Romantic Relationship Challenges


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11. Relationships with Family Members

Defining Family

Communicating in Families

Maintaining Family Relationships

Family Relationship Challenges


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12. Relationships with Friends

The Nature of Friendship

Types of Friendship

Maintaining Friendship

Friendship Challenges


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