Jefferson vs. Hamilton
First Edition   ©2000

Jefferson vs. Hamilton

Confrontations that Shaped a Nation

Noble E. Cunningham, Jr. (University of Missouri at Columbia)

  • ISBN-10: 0-312-08585-0; ISBN-13: 978-0-312-08585-8; Format: Paper Text, 208 pages

This documentary study of Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton focuses on their differing views of society and government in the formative years of the new American nation. Interweaving more than 40 documents into 7 chronological chapters, the text follows the lives and careers of the two men from their youth, through the Revolutionary War, to the death of Hamilton in 1804. In each chapter, generous excerpts from their public papers and private letters reveal the two men’s often divergent views on government and the Constitution, economic and foreign policy, and the military, and illustrate the roles they played in the emergence of political parties. Reading Jefferson’s First Inaugural Address, the Report on Public Credit, the Kentucky Resolutions, and a host of other documents, students can explore firsthand the two men’s philosophies and the impact these had on the emerging nation. Also included are 10 illustrations, a Jefferson/Hamilton chronology, a bibliography, and an index.
"Cunningham has composed a well-written, fluid, and engrossing text that covers the major political differences between Jefferson and Hamilton. He has developed a well-defined theme that holds throughout the chapters and one that is very appropriate for an undergraduate audience.... The documents are major strengths; they allow the reader to see Jefferson and Hamilton as real people with real fears and concerns about the world in which they lived."
Gene A. Smith, Texas Christian University