The Jesuit Relations
Second Edition   ©2019

The Jesuit Relations

Natives and Missionaries in Seventeenth-Century North America

Allan Greer (McGill University)

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Introduction: Native North America and the French Jesuits

The Society of Jesus in Europe and Abroad

Iroquoians and Algonquians

The Colonization of New France

The Canadian Missions

The Jesuit Relations and Their Readers

How to Read the Jesuit Relations

PART TWO: The Documents

1. Paul Le Jeune Winters with Innu Hunters of the Northern Woodlands

1. Paul Le Jeune, Journal [of a Winter Hunt], 1634

2. Paul Le Jeune, On Their Hunting and Fishing, 1634

3. Paul Le Jeune, On the Beliefs, Superstitions, and Errors of the Montagnais Indians, 1634

4. Paul Le Jeune, On the Good Things Which Are Found among the Indians, 1634

2. Jean de Brébeuf on the Wendat


5. Jean de Brébeuf, Of the Language of the Hurons, 1636

Religion, Myth, and Ritual

6. Jean de Brébeuf, What the Hurons Think about Their Origins, 1636

7. Jean de Brébeuf, That the Hurons Recognize Some Divinity; Of Their Superstitions and of Their Faith in Dreams, 1636

8. Jean de Brébeuf, Concerning Feasts, Dances . . . and What They Call Ononharoia, 1636

Law and Government

9. Jean de Brébeuf, Of the Polity of the Hurons and of Their Government, 1636

10. Jean de Brébeuf, Of the Order the Hurons Observe in Their Councils, 1636

The Wendat Feast of the Dead

11. Jean de Brébeuf, Of the Solemn Feast of the Dead, 1636

3. Disease and Medicine

Wendat Medical Practices

12. Jean de Brébeuf, [Cure by Lacrosse], 1636

13. Jérôme Lalemant, [Cure by Gambling], 1639

14. Jérôme Lameant, {Satisfying the Soul’s Desires], 1639

The Influenza Epidemic of 1637

15. François Le Mercier, The Malady with Which Our Little Household Has Been Afflicted, 1637

16. François Le Mercier, The Help We Have Given to the Sick of Our Village, 1637

17. François Le Mercier, Ossossané Afflicted with the Contagion, 1637

18. François Le Mercier, Of the Hurons Baptized This Year, 1638

Smallpox among the Wendat, 1639

19. Jérôme Lalemant, Of the Persecutions Excited against Us, 1640

4. Diplomacy and War

Peace Negotiations at Three Rivers, 1645

20. Barthélemy Vimont, Treaty of Peace between the French, Iroquois, and Other Nations, 1644-1645

Iroquois Attacks on the Algonquins, 1647

21. Jérôme Lalemant, Some Iroquois Surprised after Defeating the Algonquins; A Woman Kills an Iroquois and Escapes, 1647

The Wendat Annihilated, 1649

22. Paul Ragueneau, Of the Capture of the Villages of the Mission of St. Ignace, 1648-1649

A Jesuit Map of New France

23. Francesco-Giuseppe Bressani, New France Accurately Depicted, 1657

5. Writings on the Natural Environment

Innu Explanations of a Solar Eclipse

24. Paul Le Jeune, Of Their Customs and Their Belief, 1637

The Moral Qualities of Animals

25. Jérôme Lalemant, Various Matters, 1647-1648

Earthquakes, Comets, and Other Prophetic Signs

26. Jérôme Lalemant, Three Suns and Other Aerial Phenomena Which Appeared in New France, 1662-1663

27. Jérôme Lalemant, Universal Earthquake in Canada and Its Marvelous Effects, 1662-1663

28. François Le Mercier, Of the Comets and Extraordinary Signs That Have Appeared at Quebec and in Its Vicinity, 1664-1665

Nature as a Storehouse of Resources

29. François Le Mercier, Of the Condition of Canada over the Last Two Years, 1666-1667

6. Missions to the Iroquois

Mission to the Mohawk Country, 1667

30. François Le Mercier, Of the Mission of Ste. Marie among the Mohawk Iroquois, 1667-1668

Mohawks Converted

31. Jean Pierron, Of the Mission of the Martyrs in the Country of the Mohawks, or the Lower Iroquois, 1669-1670

The Iroquois Mission of Sault St. Louis/Kahnawake

32. Claude Chauchetière, [Letter on Intense Religious Practice among Indigenous Converts], 1682

7. Martyrs and Mystics

The Ordeal of Isaac Jogues

33. Jérôme Lalemant, How Father Isaac Jogues Was Taken by the Iroquois, and What He Suffered on His First Entrance into Their Country, 1647

An Indigenous Saint

34. P. F. X. de Charlevoix, Catherine Tegahkouita: An Iroquois Virgin, 1744

8. Jesuits on the Middle Ground

35. Claude Dablon and Claude Allouez, Relation of the Mission to the Ottawa, 1669-70


A Chronology of Events Related to the Jesuit Relations (1534-1773)

Questions for Consideration

Selected Bibliography