Jordan's Fundamentals of the Human Mosaic
Second Edition   ©2014

Jordan's Fundamentals of the Human Mosaic

A Thematic Introduction to Cultural Geography

Terry G. Jordan-Bychkov (late of University of Texas at Austin) , Mona Domosh (Dartmouth College) , Roderick P. Neumann (Florida International University) , Patricia L. Price (Florida International University)

  • ISBN-10: 1-4641-1068-9; ISBN-13: 978-1-4641-1068-9; Format: Paper Text, 384 pages

Concise Coverage
Fundamentals of The Human Mosaic has 11 chapters and is just 375 pages long.

Renewed emphasis on the five classic themes of cultural geography pioneered by Terry Jordan-Bychkov
These themes—culture region, cultural diffusion, cultural ecology, cultural interaction, cultural landscape— are introduced in the opening chapter and serve as a framework for the topical chapters that follow.

Helpful Study Features
, including
Thinking Geographically questions—designed to get students thinking critically about geography—accompany each figure, with accompanying answers at the end of the chapter

A marginal glossary reviewing the key terms on each page

Key terms list with page references at the end of each chapter

Complete Dedicated Media Package
including W. H. Freemans breakthrough online course space, LaunchPad, featuring an interactive e-Book, LearningCurve adapting quizzing, and a wide range of interactive teaching and learning assets.