Jordan's Fundamentals of the Human Mosaic
Second Edition   ©2014

Jordan's Fundamentals of the Human Mosaic

A Thematic Introduction to Cultural Geography

Terry G. Jordan-Bychkov (late of University of Texas at Austin) , Mona Domosh (Dartmouth College) , Roderick P. Neumann (Florida International University) , Patricia L. Price (Florida International University)

  • ISBN-10: 1-4641-1068-9; ISBN-13: 978-1-4641-1068-9; Format: Paper Text, 384 pages

1. Cultural Geography: An Introduction

What Is Cultural Geography?

Themes in Cultural Geography

Key Terms

2. Folk and Popular Cultures

Many Cultures: Material, Nonmaterial, Folk,

Popular, and Mass

Folk and Popular Culture Regions

Folk and Popular Culture Diffusion

The Ecology of Folk and Popular Cultures

Folk and Popular Cultural Landscapes

Key Terms

3. Population Geography

Demographic Regions

Diffusion in Population Geography

Population Ecology

Cultural Interaction and Population Patterns

The Settlement Landscape

Key Terms

4. The Geography of Language

Linguistic Culture Regions

Linguistic Diffusion

Linguistic Ecology

Cultural-Linguistic Interaction

Linguistic Landscapes

Key Terms

5. Geographies of Race and Ethnicity

What Are Race and Ethnicity?

Ethnic Regions

Cultural Diffusion and Ethnicity

Ethnic Ecology

Ethnic Cultural Interaction

Ethnic Landscapes

Key Terms

6. Political Geography

Political Culture Regions

Political Diffusion

Political Ecology

Political-Cultural Interaction

Political Landscapes

Key Terms

7. The Geography of Religion

Classifying Religions

Religious Culture Regions

Religious Diffusion

Religious Ecology

Cultural Interaction in Religion

Religion and Economy

Re Key Terms

ligious Landscapes

8. Agriculture

Agricultural Regions

Agricultural Diffusion

Agricultural Ecology

Cultural Interaction in Agriculture

Agricultural Landscapes

Key Terms

9. Economic Geography: Industries, Services, and Development

What Is Economic Development?

A Model of Economic Development

Industrial and Service Regions

Diffusion of Industry and Services

Industrial-Economic Ecology

Industrial-Economic Cultural Interaction

Industrial-Economic Landscapes

Key Terms

10. Urbanization

Culture Regions

Origin and Diffusion of the City

The Globalization of Cities

Cultural Interaction in Urban Geography

Urban Cultural Landscapes

Key Terms

11. Inside the City

Urban Culture Regions

Cultural Diffusion in the City

The Cultural Ecology of the City

Cultural Interaction and Models of the City

Urban Landscapes

Key Terms