First Edition   ©2017

Let's Communicate

An Illustrated Guide to Human Communication

Douglas M. Fraleigh (California State University, Fresno) , Joseph S. Tuman (San Francisco State University) , Katherine L Adams

  • ISBN-10: 1-4576-0601-1; ISBN-13: 978-1-4576-0601-4; Format: Paper Text, 584 pages

Award-winning teachers and scholars Douglas Fraleigh, Joseph Tuman, and Katherine Adams used their decades of experience to create a book that combines strong theory with cutting-edge content. Douglas Fraleigh and Joseph Tuman honed their approach with Speak Up, the first illustrated guide to public speaking, and have invited expert Katherine Adams on to carefully construct a human communication textbook that’s substantive, engaging, and fun. While the authors brainstormed to create the hundreds of pedagogically useful illustrations, artist Peter Arkle (who also draws for Time Magazine, The New York Times, and the New Yorker) added his own trademark style and humor to capture students’ attention.

Substantive content, with a focus on technology, culture, gender, and social justice.
Let’s Communicate contains all the theories and research that students need to know across all topics of communication: fundamentals (such as perception and listening), important influences on communication (culture and mass/mediated communication), interpersonal, group, public speaking, and interviewing. Within these sections, authors put a special emphasis on their interests: technology, culture, gender, and social justice. With practical, accessible advice, the authors consistently help students adapt their communication style and habits, especially when communicating in a digital age.

Help Students Learn and Apply Skills.
Let’s Communicate uses lively writing, compelling examples, and pedagogical illustrations to help students understand concepts so that they can apply them in real-life.

  • Apply Your Skills feature in every chapter asks students to use an illustration to extend the concept either to their lives or other real-life situations.
  • Hundreds of hand-drawn Illustrations help students understand and retain human communication theories and concepts.
  • End-of-chapter pedagogy asks students to respond to the chapter with in-class activities and discussion concepts.
  • Practical advice helps students know what to do when faced with difficult communication situations, whether that’s a job interview, a confusing text message, or relationship problem.

Customized Illustrations help students understand and retain human communication theories and concepts.
The authors brainstormed to come up with each of the hundreds of illustrations included in the text, meant to help students understand and retain concepts. Artist Peter Arkle gave the illustrations his own trademark style and humor, as he’s done for public speaking text Speak Up, along with other outlets like Time Magazine, the New Yorker, and the New York Times.

Engaging writing and examples.
Each chapter opens with an absorbing vignette that the authors culled from their own lives and interests, while examples throughout show situations from the classroom, workplace, community, and public sphere. Topics range from the collaboration on the recent Star Wars movie (group communication), to online dating (perception), to the differences between Tiananmen Square and the Arab Spring (mass and mediated communication).


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