First Edition   ©2014

Living Physical Geography in the Laboratory

Theodore Erski (McHenry County (IL) College)

  • ISBN-10: 1-4641-0957-5; ISBN-13: 978-1-4641-0957-7; Format: Lab Manual, 384 pages


Lab 1: Physical Geographers and the Scientific Method

Lab 2: Globes and Maps

Lab 3: Google Earth, Topographic Maps, and Remote Sensing

Lab 4: Atmospheric Composition, Layers, and Pressure

Lab 5: Seasons

Lab 6: Atmospheric Temperature and Controls on Climate

Lab 7: Water Vapor and State Change

Lab 8: Station Models, Isobars, and Pressure Gradient Force

Lab 9: Winds, Fronts, Mid-latitude Cyclones, and Air Masses

Lab 10: Hurricanes

Lab 11: Climate, Weather, Carbon, and Greenhouse Gases

Lab 12: Atmospheric Carbon, Temperature, and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

Lab 13: Biogeography

Lab 14: Climate and Biomes

Lab 15: Soils

Lab 16: Groundwater

Lab 17: Seawater

Lab 18: Ocean Currents and the Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch

Lab 19: Relative and Absolute Dating and the Geological Time Scale

Lab 20: Earth’s Internal Structure

Lab 21: Plate Tectonics

Lab 22: Rocks and Earth’s Crust

Lab 23: Volcanoes

Lab 24: Earthquakes

Lab 25: Mass Movement and Surface Karst

Lab 26: Fluvial Characteristics and Landforms

Lab 27: Alpine Glaciation

Lab 28: Ice Sheets and Mean Sea Level (MSL)

Lab 29: Desert Landforms and Processes

Lab 30: Coastal Landforms, Waves, and Tides