First Edition   ©2011

Logical Links

An Active Learning Approach to Reading, Writing, and Critical Thinking

Lyndia Lynn Lewellen

  • ISBN-10: 0-7380-4803-8; ISBN-13: 978-0-7380-4803-1; Format: Loose Leaf Sheets, 536 pages

Logical Links, an English composition and reading text, is designed to help students learn efficiently and assist them as they work toward actively forming excellent language habits: reading, writing, and critical thinking. 

Students are first introduced to basic, foundational reading and writing skills and learning habits as well as what it means to be and how to become an active learner. Chapters focus on a variety of college subjects for study including psychology, political science, business and economics, allied health, history, and humanities – examining these topic-areas from the perspective of the classroom and from that of the media. Writing exercises and useful drills in each chapter help the student to practice and improve their reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, and writing abilities – with each chapter building upon the previous to increase students’ knowledge and skills throughout.