Louis XIV and Absolutism
First Edition   ©2000

Louis XIV and Absolutism

A Brief Study with Documents

William Beik (Emory University)

  • ISBN-10: 0-312-13309-X; ISBN-13: 978-0-312-13309-2; Format: Paper Text, 272 pages

This unique collection of documents with commentary explores the meaning of absolute monarchy by examining how Louis XIV of France became one of Europe’s most famous and successful rulers. In the introduction, William Beik succinctly integrates the theoretical and practical nature of absolutism and its implications for the development of European states and society. The documents, newly translated and carefully selected for their readability, examine the problems of the Fronde, Colbert’s grasp of the economic and fiscal dimensions of the kingdom, the taming of the rural nobility, the interaction of royal ministers and provincial authorities, the repression of Jansenists and Protestants, popular rebellions, and royal image-making. Explanatory notes, a chronology, a map, a geneaology chart, and 9 striking images further strengthen this volume’s usefulness in the undergraduate classroom.
"This book offers a wide range of valuable documents on critical issues of seventeenth-century French history. Professor Beik has done a fine job of translating documents he chose judiciously and has also provided insightful commentaries. This volume is bound to captivate students and lays the foundation for stimulating class discussions."
John Hurt, University of Delaware